cocoon homecare

Cocoon Homecare

Who said homecare had to be drab? Homecare can sometimes seem a bit sterile, so with this website we set out to communicate Cocoon Homecare’s unique warmth and personal flavor. This website balances informative content with an easy-on-the-eyes aesthetic. We’d call this a mission accomplished!

regency healthcare

Regency Health Care

Warm. Professional. Trustworthy. These words truly encapsulate Regency Health Care. Of course, every website must truly embody the core values it represents and so the colors, style, and text of the website were carefully designed to inspire the warmth, professionalism, and trustworthiness that is the very underpinning of all Regency does.

superior healthcare management

Superior Healthcare Management

As a Minnesota-based healthcare service provider with 15 locations, Superior Healthcare Management needed a fresh website to showcase their great work. The website needed to accomplish two, seemingly contradictory, things simultaneously: present the scope of their many services and locations and be aesthetically compelling. We created a website that’s clean, easy on the eye, and informative all at once.