Chicago Chesed Fund

An influential charity organization and community resource, the Chicago Chesed Fund offers numerous services to assist struggling individuals and families. The freshly designed captures their ‘no man left behind’ approach; bright colors and large images of their 44,000-square foot facility exhibit their warm, welcoming atmosphere and invite viewers to explore their many life-changing services.


Speaking about end-of-life matters can be a difficult proposition. As the leading authority in end-of-life matters, The National Association of Chevra Kadisha, commonly known as NASCK, desired an informative, one-stop shop that will give people the opportunity to learn more about their countless programs, services and resources. Utilizing a user-friendly approach, we created a full-scale website to house all of …

hatzolah of mill basin

Hatzolah of Mill Basin

Hatzolah of Mill Basin, as with every Hatzolah team, is all about speed, strength and hard work. We set out to convey this reality to the population at large and to encourage donors to support this lifesaving cause. We effectively accomplished this from the onset: The homepage tells it all. The large, bold slider comes alive with movement, emphasizing Hatzolah’s …

Achiezer: Dinner Platform

Unique goals behind the face of each website necessitate distinct user interfaces that are perfectly compatible with each organization’s goals. Our team spent much time in our creative laboratory, tinkering with the fine details to design a functional, simple and user friendly dinner platform for Achiezer, the umbrella organization serving the Far Rockaway/Five Towns communities, where guests can easily register …

Hineni: Dinner Platform

As Hineni, a pioneering Kiruv and community outreach organization celebrated its 50 Jubilee Dinner, marking its founder and leader, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis’, far reaching effects, they entrusted us with the development of a dinner website for their monumental event. Clean, bold designs prominently featuring the Rebbetzin’s portrait, the event date and venue, and large buttons create the perfect calls to …

TEAM Shabbos

TEAM, (Traditional End-of-Life Awareness Movement) a project of NASCK, teamed up with us (no pun intended!) to spark a national movement. We melded old and new, with a touch of pop art, to reflect their goal to uphold traditional burial values in contemporary society. Vibrant colors and big, bold typography helped to optimistically display the theme. Basic shapes and simple, …


With so many families in Israel counting on them, Light needed a company they could count on to design a website for their fundraising campaign. It’s no wonder they chose Website with Brains! Our team created a striking website, complete with donation capabilities and a place to submit prayer requests. Large, clear images and numerous flat icons throughout the site …

Dor Yeshorim

Dor Yeshorim, a pioneering genetic screening organization challenged us to convey the scope of its lifesaving work. Our web designers welcomed the dare. Using creative infographics, bright pictures and strong calls to action, we emphasized the hope of happy, healthy future generations. The result: an exceptional website, infused with positivity, truly showcasing the world of Dor Yeshorim.


Mission: convey warmth and compassion, remove morbidity. Immediately, we put our brains to task and our thinking caps on. Check out this not-for profit website which provides a wealth of information and resources + an interactive platform that engages donors to make custom contributions.

Tchabe Foundation

Creating a website for a Chassidic dynasty set us on a mission for a mission. Creativity flowed as we were inspired to inject a good dose of London charm and historical European intrigue. Charged by the challenge of fundraising for a worthy cause, we successfully wove a tapestry of scholarship, leadership, and a sense of community.